Bathroom Renovation

Creating The Perfect Bathrooms!

Here’s a personal question! How much time do you spend in the bathroom each day? Well, regardless of whether you’re prepping your kids for school, or using it for yourself, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used places in most homes. And if your bathrooms haven’t seen new sinks, tubs, showers, cabinets, floors or toilets since George Bush was president, it’s way past time for a remodel update that eventually can lead to over a 60 percent return on investment. Lucky for you, the homeowner, a remodel won’t require a second mortgage on your home or a personal loan from Uncle Fred.

modern bathroom design

Just a few simple steps can also produce some of those oohs and aahs we mentioned earlier in the kitchen article. You can start with one of the easier parts of the remodel and that’s the shower. We’re talking the new shower heads that feels like you’re getting more water than that antique shower head without actually using more. The embedded hand shower can be used simultaneously or separately from the shower head. A new paint job will work wonders, too. But pick a color that makes you feel calm and soothing. A gray or navy blue can be a nice neutral to consider.

Pencil in new toilets, for sure. Pick toilets that are new, more comfortable and efficient. These days, toilets offer round and elongated shapes and come in chair height. Many new toilets include pre-installed tank-to-bowl connections that promotes easy installation and affordability. A recessed bathroom cabinet in the wall as well as recessed shelves in the wall will save you tons on space. And while you’re at it, get a wall-hung sink, a pedestal or corner sink. Finally, recessed lighting in the ceiling will create balance in any bathroom. You might also put some wall-mounted lights on both sides of the mirror. Avoid lighting over the top of the mirror. It causes shadows. And while your thinking lighting, put one in the shower, too.